Alain Bélanger | Quebec Craft Council
Alain Bélanger
Mobilier d'Art
Cabinet maker
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Production : 
Sculptural furniture, custom-made lamps and furniture (desks, shelves, kitchen islands, beds and bed bases, cupboards and more)
For more than 15 years Alain Bélanger has been designing and making art furniture that defies both time and definition. Whether you are looking for furniture that requires minute detail or something more artistic involving movement and curves, Alain is one of those rare individuals who can match a mechanical engineering degree with his artistic background to capture any emotion, spirit or detail you desire.  You will find his work always pleasing to the eye, artistic and functional.  The winner of numerous awards in the field of artistic furniture, his clients range from the individual looking to be charmed by that special look, feel or emotion to the Canadian Government and their demanding clientele.  For those looking for a unique piece, a limited series or a full-scale production, give Alain a call and tap into his experience.  Whether young or an experienced furniture connoisseur, romantic or down-to-earth practical, no one is ever disappointed with Alain’s creations!