Edwin Akué | Quebec Craft Council
Edwin Akué
Cabinet maker
Maestria 2016
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Objets utilitaires et décoratifs en bois.
Edwin Akué is a creative craftsman from Quebec who, following an atypical life course, discovered in 1998 that he was particularly attracted to design and cabinetmaking. During that same year he thus decided to enrol in a cabinetmaking course with the Institut québécois d’ébénisterie (IQE - Quebec Cabinetmaking Institute) and obtained a diploma with honours in 2001. Right at the beginning of his training he stood out for the quality an originality of his work. He showed an innate sense for conceiving the work and carefully using the materials available. All along his school time he researched and experimented. When the training was over, he founded in 2002 a business called Kiasma. From then on … thanks to his intuition and visionary spirit, combined with expertise acquired over time, he was able to execute a number of private orders. In parallel with his contracts, he endeavors, as a passionate craftsman, to carry out research and development in the field of cabinetmaking and other distinctive products. Navigating through the pitfalls and various obstacles, over the years, Edwin has become a seasoned craftsman, capable of adapting and successfully meeting the challenges of artisanal entrepreneurial activity occurring at the beginning of the 21st century. In this context it is important to him at this point in his career, to create and customize anecdotal and/or thematic works, in order to give added value and a permanent character to his creations ... for the benefit of customers in search of meaning. In summary, Edwin seeks to conjugate the expertise of yesterday and today in favour of the beauty and elegance of objects and furniture around us. To achieve this, he uses as sources of inspiration: geometry, for its formal and structuring qualities, matter, for its intrinsic qualities, the theme, for its potential of expression (metaphor) and nature, for its infinite diversity.
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