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Tribute Exhibition

Tribute award for fine crafts : Mario Lamarre, string instrument maker


This year, we pay tribute to an artisan who knows how to make wood sing!

After training in cabinet making and wood carving, Mario Lamarre continued his apprenticeship with Italian master violin maker Sylvio de Lellis, founder of the Atelier-école de lutherie artistique canadienne in Quebec City. In 1980, upon the request of Sylvio de Lellis, Mario Lamarre took the reins. Until 1986, he acted as the Executive Director of this institution and served as an instructor.

Creator and restorer, Mario Lamarre specializes in quartet and contrabass instruments. He has developed integrated contrabass capo extensions, locking dowels for mounting and dismounting contrabass strings and a detachable contrabass shaft. His experimentation has also inspired him to design and produce a semi-acoustic contrabass with a removable handle. He also created a new style: “Lamario” facet instruments with arches carved in the form of eight facets per table and a personalized “f” with bird heads. To date, he has manufactured more than 85 instruments.

Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal is proud to present part of string instrument maker Mario Lamarre’s work. His pieces will be exhibited throughout the event, as part of the Tribute Award for Fine Crafts exhibition.