Each day, Christian Bégin will place three lookalike figurines in the spaces of artisans. Participate in this all-new daily figurine hunt for a chance to win one of the "Design Destination" Contest prizes. Fill out an entry ballot, including your contact information, the current date and the numbers of the booths with the Christian Bégin figurines. Then, drop your entry into the entry ballot box by 9:00 pm.


Entry ballot to download

Réglements du concours (en français)

People's Choice Contest

During your visit, discover wonderful original pieces that our exhibitors created for the People's Choice exhibition. Some are one of a kind. Others are part of a limited series. Vote for your favourite work of art and you could win $250 in fine craft cash that you can use at the Salon des métiers d'art or our fine craft boutiques in Quebec City and Montreal. You have until 5:00 pm on Friday, December 20th to enter. The winner will be contacted immediately after the end of the contest.

Lorène - Michel Boudreau

crédit photo: Guillaume Boudreau

Écorce - Céline Bouré Textures - Ghislaine Grégoire
Alhambra - Kinga Kobak

L'Envolée de papillons

Laetitia Konig

Crédit photo:Marion Saupin

Unioon - Benoit Leupert

L'épanuissement des chrysanthèmes

Hideko Matsumoto

Les racines - Cynthia Moreau

Vase décoratif - Valérie Pelletier

Floraison mystique - Claudio Pino Calendrier annuel - Marie-Laure Plano Nuphar - Lorenzzo Serafino

Règlement du concours (en français)

The 2018 winner was Marylène Ménard for her work En mode durable.

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